Social HUB

The Social HUB

This is the Social HUB, where most Conversations happen. We also have Greeters who gives a warm welcome. We also offer Guides on how to use Second Life.

Gaming Area

The Gaming Area

This is the Gaming Area, where the most Fun and games happen. We host tournaments, battles and friendlies in such Games like: Greedy, Skippo, Cheesy, Air Hockey, Pool, Chess...

The Rentals

We have a wide range of rentals at Lazy Adams, Home and Store rentals range from the prims and the size of the land itself...

The Club

This is the LAC, where the most Enterainment and Dance happen. We offer a wide range of DJs and Hosts providing such entertainment in: EDM, Trap, House, POP, Breakbeat...

Lazy Adams Owner

Adam Dixon

Lazy Adams Owner Lazy Adams Owner

Lazy Adams Management

Managers & Greeters

  • Shelly

    General Manager, shelly.avro
  • Dazza

    LAC DJ Manager, dazwa101
  • Shelly

    LAC Host Manager, shelly.avro
  • Eliza

    Greeter, inles
  • Catfaise

    Greeter, catfaise
  • Lana

    Greeter, lanarineer

What People Are Saying

Reviews from FACEBOOK

  • "Lana Forrester, 5*"

    AWESOME SPOT! This place has so many things you can do. Dance your butt off to some of SL's best Dj's, play one of the many games set outside or chat & have a laugh. Everyone is welcome here & you'll never feel like an outsider. Why leave when you can also live there too! There's even Rentals. Very Nice Community setup. Looks Amazing!
  • "Jienna Dibou, 5*"

    I <3 Lazy Adams. Cool peeps. Lots of fun. Great DJs. Never a dull moment!
  • "Vincent Valentine, 5*"

    This place is my home and it has every game I'd ever play! Challenge me and get your ass kicked :P